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Phnom Penh Investigations (PPI)

Founded in 2012, Phnom Penh Investigations (PPI) established itself as Cambodia’s leading private investigation and due diligence services firm following its pivotal role in discrediting and ultimately dismantling the $60 million Ponzi scheme, “Empire Big Capital”. 

PPI’s highly experienced fraud investigators have subsequently alerted clients to a string of high profile fraud networks and disingenuous “multi-level-marketing” teams operating in or near Cambodia. Those on the dreaded “Blacklist” have included EmGoldex, Global Intergold, b:HIP, 100/1000, OneCoin, DinarDirham (update 12/2017: including Athika Realty and Athika007 services), WorldVentures, eVisionTeam.com, Guinness-Gallagher, several “f/x brokers” with fraudulent or fictitious financial backing, and many more. 

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Private Investigator In Cambodia

Heading into 2018, PPI has partnered domestically with former underling turned impressive owner-operator, Dave Baxter (cresthawkinvestigations.com), along with the umbrella network of Greves Group, a world leader in corporate risk management. A domestic/regional network which appears to have cemented a virtual monopoly on “western“-trained private investigators and due diligence professionals in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

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Some of our clients

  • DynCorp International
  • EOD Technology
  • ITT Industries
  • Washington Group International
  • Fluor
  • Johnson Controls
  • TDV Media & Services
  • Casey Research
  • Safaricom
  • Marhaba Panama

Infidelity investigations

  • Caught cheating
  • no physical contact but still sexually inappropriate behavior (sexting, lewd phone calls, racy photo shares etc)
  • inconclusive (either insufficient leads to locate partner or investigative period too short)
  • passed: no reasonable suspicions whatsoever following thorough investigation
since 2012

after nearly 300 investigations in Cambodia

If you suspect your husband or wife of having an affair the odds are not in your favor.

25number of times we’ve confirmed non-physical but sexually inappropriate behavior (8%)
50+inconclusive results, almost always due to the client requesting only 1-2 nights of surveillance (note: if your budget can only afford 2 nights of surveillance, spend your money on marriage counseling and not on a P.I.)
200(nearly 200) cheating husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends, all caught on surveillance (65%)
26less than 10% of cases reveal the suspected partner to have been completely faithful

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Phnom Penh Investigations

Private Investigator In Cambodia
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