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(S)Cambodia’s: The Blacklist

-listed by date of first appearance;
-some names/entities not listed due to ongoing private mediation;
-some names/entities removed only upon victim request;
-some names/entities removed due to management decision;

b:hip (unethical, but not illegal)

100/1000 (Thailand-based but with Oknha-backing)

OneCoin (mostly collapsed as of end 2016 and 2017)


  • Ringleader Huot Sovann also one of the “original 4” EBC fraudsters;
  • Fled to Laos in 2016 to re-brand; subsequently arrested;

PS Lao

  • Has since collapsed in 2017 after defrauding 30,000 Laotian investors out of $96M;

“Laotian Army-backed transportation/logistics firm”

  • PPI confirmed this listing as is; will only release further information on a case by case basis;


  • Global pyramid scheme with a loosely-affiliated Cambodia-based recruiting team, still active as of EOY ’17;


  • Also global but with Cambodia recruiting team;
  • Malaysia offices raided 11/2017)

Athika Realty

  • Cambodian reality tv singer & 2016-2017 DinarDirham recruiter/handler “Athika“;
  • PPI has verified that there are several dozen audio recordings in which Athika repeatedly admits to knowing DinarDirham was a scam as far back as his April 2017 visit to DinarDirhams HQ in Kuala Lumpur;
  • As of 12/2017, Athika’s entire Tuol Kork of DinarDirham fraudsters have changed their sales pitch and now broker residential lots in an Oknha-backed property development near Oudong

WorldVentures (unethical, not illegal; mostly harmless other than endless massively-overpriced vacations celebrating being members of a cult)

eVisionTeam (includes all affiliates who are either complicit or else just lazy and did no due diligence whatsoever)

Guinness Gallagher¹

Nat and Chanida / Wor(l)d

  • Just an English-speaking Asian face, in this case a couple, on a worthless MLM that is undoubtedly being fleeced in the back-end 24/7 until the inevitable implosion

UPDATED 2/19/2018 B.O.L.O. (1) Nigerian/(2) Khmer-(possible)Canadians:“World Remit / WING” Credit Card Fraud / Cyber Extortion Gang

  • World Remit to (KH) WING cash-out OTC being targeted by African expatriate cyber criminals in Phnom Penh on a DAILY basis since early February;
  • World Remit anti-fraud department liaised upon our notification which is now complete;
  • WING corporate security via Royal Group has been notified;
  • Cambodia MOI has been notified;
  • PPI may or may not update this on March 1st.
  • Same gang of 3 is verified via surveillance and tracking numbers to certain “express mail shipments to Cambodia”. NFI will be disclosed at this time.

Over a dozen other fraudulent f/x “brokers”, MLMs/pyramid schemes, Bitcoin/cryptocurrency “traders” etc. but whose names are redacted for undisclosed reasons

¹NOTE: De-registered New Zealand lawyer and convicted fraudsterShaan (Winiata) Stevens,² is perceived to be the true owner/operator of all “Guinness Gallagher” entities worldwide, both legal and illegal (front companies/money trans-shipment);
-Including ML entities using Mr. Birchler as front man such as PE Trustee Services;
-PE held shareholder rights for all of Robert Schmalohr’s Cambodian P.E.E.G entities (but NOT his non-P.E.E.G companies in Cambodia).
-PE Trustee Services’ beneficiaries not known at this time;
-Shaan (Winiata) Stevens declared himself “bankrupt” as recently as 22 January 2018 according to a PwC liquidators report found on thew New Zealand registrars website;
-The very next day, 23 January 2018, Mr. Stevens and Mr. Birchler reopened a previously-closed New Zealand trust “Arahi”. (Note: Tier 1 Solutions has asked for links to the last 2 items and will publish them if/when received from PPI)

²WARNING: Enhanced due diligence protocol is required when vetting former principals of the 70 NZ-registered front/shell entities which included Mr. Stevens as a director and/or chairman and/or executive/shareholder as many are still active across Asia-Pacific.

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