Citizenship Moldova new for 2018

Citizenship Moldova

The European Citizenship Moldova program offers lifetime citizenship and a tier-1 passport for a government donation of only €100,000.

Alternatively, you can qualify for Moldovan citizenship with a €250,000 investment into a 5-year economic development plan in the private sector of Moldova or a €250,000 investment in Moldovan real estate you are required to hold for a minimum of five (5) years.

Should Moldova finally launch its already-approved citizenship by investment scheme in early 2018 as expected, look for Moldovan citizenship to quickly become the preferred 2nd passport of the price-obsessed eastern buyers pouring out of China over the past few years.

And with only Moldovan citizenship offering all of the privileges of being a European citizen and enjoying a luxurious European lifestyle, but without the fiscal dangers and social (immigration/integration) headaches of the European Union, it’s value is clear. Moldovan citizenship & Moldovan passport holders really do have the best of both worlds.

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